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Worldbuilding ramble and my take on making a powerful character - 09.03.24

Oh man I have been abandoning this blog for almost a year, but it's fine, I never forget about it, I even gave it a bit of makeover so now this page has a proper navigation system woooooh!!!! I don't have to put temporary home buttons on my posts anymore, I've removed them from my older posts too.

Time key disguised as royal sceptre.

The sceptre above belongs to my last main character, Kemal I. It's just a sceptre in public's eyes but it's a time key for the kings, designed specifically to amplify their chronokinesis powers. This world is not like ATLA where people are born with bending powers, no. An angel (or a god, as what the royal family thinks) has to specifically bless the newborn crown prince when they're born with the art of chronokinesis. Why chronokinesis specifically? It is to align with the goal of these cats' existence in the first place.

Various "sceptres" of the previous kings.

These time keys also came from the angel that blessed the newborn. Now you ask why Kemal the First has a sceptre with number V, because he's not supposed to be the crown prince, that sceptre is not his, thats his brother's who unfortunately died early so he has to replace him. Not being the original crown prince means he's late to train his chronokinesis, unlike his brother who was blessed right after he was born. Therefore he is dubbed as "The most unprepared king in the history of the kingdom" by his peers. Not sure if you notice but that's one of my ways to make a powerful character not too powerful. A cartoon I watched in the past made me hate ultra-powerful characters.

Cool cartoon from the neighboring country, Boboiboy.

A power so powerful, he overshadows every single one of his friends. His powers kept evolving but the writers forgot to give the same treatment to his friend's powers, they felt like background characters sometimes, especially during BBB Galaxy. His fans might think I misinterpret the show, but I don't care anymore, I stopped watching it long ago.

Onenote draft leak ooooh

Chronokinesis is quite an OP skill to give as it can open too many plotholes if you don't manage it properly. I try to manage by giving it different levels of mastery, and impose limits, like how the kings typically only need to learn until a certain level of mastery and no need to go higher, or this super common limit on time-related incidents; never meet your self from any moments ago to avoid unwanted consequences. In here I try to manage chronokinesis to be given away to my specific characters in a healthy dose.

No matter the level of mastery though, some skills need the time key to be executed and it is important to not let the key fall into the wrong hands. While anyone who never get blessed with the arts can't use it, you're locked from some of your powers too, so don't lose it. These time keys lets you enter the timeless realm, where the royal family suspect the "God" who blessed their crown princes live, it lets you open portals to any era, it also enhance their powers and it serves as a weapon, melee or range, it's up to the users. Most importantly though, it serves as a key to go back to the user's own era, losing the key in the timeless realm would mean that the user will be stuck there forever. You won't age in there but it would be so boring not being able to do anything to pass time.

(Fan content) Talking about my favorite local IP - 11.04.23

Sorry for not writing anything for a few months! I was feeling demotivated with everything for some reason, including my original works so I wanna talk about this super awesome local IP that I think should gain more attention. I used to see new content of them through Facebook or once a month through a graphic novel released monthly by their studio, but now it feels more like I'm only seeing one new book in a year hahah.

Vol 2 comic cover for QDJY: XGRA AXY, my favorite

It is "QDJY" (that's not an abbreviation, thats the actual name of the main character) it's a story about several square-headed men going about their daily life working as high-ranking government officials in their respective countries. I mainly just like it because it's funny and depicts government officials, I like the funky character design, but also, how the author basically "made up" a language.

Vol 7, the guys are looking to hire an Office Boy

Now you know why the name of the main character sounds so weird, that's just how things are written in this entire IP. It's actually just Indonesian but written in the most bizzare way possible, and must be written in CAPITALS. Me who have been consuming his content since childhood already has the spelling for each quirk remembered but for newer readers, the author always try to leave some notes to let them learn how to read his comic This series singlehandedly makes me want to make up a "language" for my own OC world. If you notice, my internet persona also has a square head, it is partially caused by this series as well.

My friend, Luvin drew these for me, thanks Luvin!

While I grew up mostly only seeing the main character (the President) and his dog, this series made better designs that I love even more than the main character, especially these guys:

The best boys, a mixed-race light bulb, a 12 year old charity box, a cuboid fish, and a traffic light

Last week I found the author's Twitter handle and It finally gave me some motivation to finish this fanart of my favorite boys. I was a bit worried because it seems that he prefers to post about his other works (mecha robot stuff that I'm not too interested at) but he actually responded right away after I tagged his handle in my post, I went to bed happily that day.

"3 men struggling to go back home after getting drunk"

Fishy scribbles of my character (and casual talks on my worldbuilding process) - 31.01.23

January is almost ending already.. so I'll share another scribbles of one of my characters. He's from the same project as Deniz is. An American Shorthair named Freddie, I drew him on various age periods.

When I write this fella, I actually took my collegemate's real name and modified it a bit, it's a really good way to find names for characters for this particular project, I wish to depict them as just ordinary citizens, trying to get through their day. Super fancy fantasy names (like Zachariah, Eustace, Sirius, etc) are less desired but might be sprinkled here and there. Characters on this particular project also has no last names and their name just consists of one word, just like how humans tend to name their cats.

Bonus doodle. I like to think that there's a gif of a spinning fish in his head 80% of the time when he's in school, he wish to be freed from that place and just run to the nearest river to fish and get some fresh air.

"Funky Town"

Scribbles of my character - 16.01.23

Happy new year! I stopped a bit with editing my site since I got an exhibition to manage (you would know if you visited my Projects page back in December) I've made some scribbles of my original character and I think she looks somewhat decent. Her name is Deniz, she's a Turkish Angora.

"why does her head look different" I drew young Deniz (around elementary school-age) and how she looks now, so she had less fur compared to her now, here's a quick doodle for a closer look.

First Post - 19.11.22

This page is basically my paper where i scribble some stuff (not literally, i just upload messy sketches here) and this is a test post. Here's a little thing I did in the past to test the waters.

That wasn't a scribble i suppose, but still, a thing i did in the past.